How to Auto Pin Using BoardBooster’s Campaign Feature

I love the idea of automation, but the reality? Very few automation tools have actually gotten me results. I’ve tried using Buffer to automate my social media posts, but I still have to load up my queue, which takes time. I’ve tried IFTTT to automatically post new blog posts to Twitter and Facebook, but when I want to post other people’s content, I have to do it manually.

The one tool that has saved me time AND driven massive amounts of traffic to my website? Board Booster. I use BoardBooster to auto pin my content to the group boards I’m a member of.

In plain language, I pin ONCE, and BoardBooster re-pins that pin to 40 different group boards on a spaced out schedule over the course of a week.

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Should you switch to ConvertKit?

If you’re focused on growing your email list, then you’ve probably heard of ConvertKit. It’s a popular email service provider that many bloggers use to grow and nurture their email list.

I’ve been using ConvertKit for almost a year now, and I wanted to give you a quick review in case you’re thinking of trying out the platform. For more details and an overview of ConvertKit’s features, check out the video below!

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List Building Tips That Will Explode Your Growth

If you’re a blogger, you know you’re supposed to be growing an email list, but list building isn’t as simple as it sounds. How do you get people to join your list? How do you get them to stay on your list? And most importantly, how do you create the kind of rapport with your email subscribers that translates into sales?

Meera Kothand, a certified email marketing specialist, freelance writer, and the creator of the Email Lists Simplified course answered all these questions (and more) when I interviewed her about list building and engagement.

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How Mariah Coz Has Mastered Time Management to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Business

For me, one of the biggest challenges of starting an online business is that so many successful entrepreneurs make it sound easy. They share big numbers like, “I got 1000 subscribers in 24 hours” or “I made $4,670 in my second month of blogging,” or “I went from 2,000 to 200,000 visitors a month on my site in less than a year.”

These entrepreneurs usually have great intentions. They show you their amazing results because they want to help you get there, too. But here’s the reality: Running a business is complicated. It’s impossible to boil down success to a single strategy. And a strategy that works for one person’s business won’t necessarily work for you.

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The Time Management Mistake That’s Sabotaging Your Business (and How to Avoid It)

A few months ago, a woman posted in one of the facebook groups I’m in. She was looking for help with time management and productivity. Here’s what she wrote:

“I’m struggling with being productive. I’m terrible at time management, but I know having a schedule would be useful. I have blog posts to write, jewelry to make, photograph and list, work on stories, interact on social media and do chores and of course spend time with my son. I’m also looking for ways to make some extra money online.”

Wow. Like many of us, this lady has a lot on her plate.

But her experience sums up the biggest time management mistake I see bloggers making: not having a single, clear goal.

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