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If you’re anything like me and my readers, you want to get more done on your blog. You’ve got a to do list a mile long, and you never have enough time to do everything.

I hear ya…

I’m obsessed with time management and productivity because I feel like I never have enough time to grow my blog, either. I’m always on the look out for new tools, strategies, and short cuts to help me get more done in less time.

I would love to have you join my email list, where I share all these blogging productivity tools, strategies, and short cuts. Actually, a lot of my content is exclusively for my subscribers (which means I don’t just email you a link to a recent blog post). I want to share my best tips with readers who are just as excited about productivity as I am.

To say thanks (and to give your productivity a quick boost), I’ll send along one of my most popular resources: The Essential Blogging To Do List.

This 20-page guide will show you how to spend your time and money on your blog so you can grow it into a money-making machine.

Here’s what others are saying about it:

The lessons you are generously sharing for free – are awesome!  You have methodically put all of the worries, steps and basic questions into a comprehensive website.

Not only do you provide what we as beginners need, but you meet us where we’re at whether it be novices, pros or in between.  Also you walk WITH us through our own journey – step by step – while, at the same time, motivating us.  That part is fascinating for me because you don’t just show want us to “follow” the steps….you want us to find OUR OWN path to forge as bloggers / business owners….

So Emily, I thank you for a generosity that doesn’t end with “freebies” but goes beyond to teaching us to jump in and create our own vision to communicate to all.

-Nancy Lippock

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being so supportive. You’re a good advisor and motivator for me. I’m so glad I found your blog a few months ago. 
Your blog has helped me to boost up my business activities, because I’m a student and a business woman at the same time. With your emails and blog I’ve learn how to expand my business with the right strategies and method. Not only that I’ve also learn how to gain skills in the business field.
Thank you so much for your courage and support.