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Office Fitout Trends That Can Make Your Office Space A Hit In 2018

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Making improvements in your office space is one way to welcome the coming year. Changes to your office interiors can bring out the positive attributes of your employees and boost their performance and productivity. It can also help in building the company’s image and attract potential business partners and investors.

If you are looking into making changes in your workspace, here are some predictions from premier interior design companies in Dubai on upcoming office fitout trends that focus on style, practicality and comfort.

  • Smart office layouts

In 2018, a lot of office interior designers are looking into designing office spaces that are non-traditional in terms of layout. Traditional office layouts are more on the walls, confinement, and privacy. But with changes in how employees do their work, these space designers would focus more on collaboration and communication. Hence, they are looking into designing and building spaces that are open and flexible. This type of office space design allows workers to do their job as they see fit, in terms of space. They don’t have to confine themselves in a cubicle to work, rather, they can roam freely in a space to perform their jobs. But there will be a good balance between being open and personal space.

  • Eccentric workspaces

Gone are the days when office spaces are patterned to old office layouts and design. In the coming years, working environment is welcoming out-of-the-box design concepts that cater to free-minded individuals and workers. Interior designers predict that people will be seeing a number of these working space in 2018. The designs would be unconventional and brand-centric.

  • Nature-centric offices

Green spaces were all the rage in the past few years, and will still be in the coming years. Residential spaces are already embracing the concept of a green living space and commercial spaces are also welcoming the idea. Some designers call this concept a biophilic design, wherein the design is promoting human’s connection to nature. Apart from seeing lots of greens on these office spaces, the whole space will be designed to enhance energy efficiency and utilizing natural resources for office use.

  • Tech-savvy business places

With the rise of technology, designers are looking into making more spaces that are tech-savvy and innovative. But it is more than just the look of the working environment. These spaces will be functional and will streamline some process to promote work efficiency.

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