How to Grow Your Email List and Your Income With a Quiz

You’ve probably taken a Buzzfeed-style quiz before, right? Who hasn’t? Quizzes are all the rage in the online space right now, and for good reason. They’re one of the best ways to grow your email list and your income!

Thinking about using a quiz for your marketing? Here’s why it might be perfect for you and how to set up a quiz the right way, so it actually helps you grow your email list and make money. 

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How to launch a product when you’re terrified of launching

Kim had several e-books and one e-course sitting on her computer desktop. She had a launch plan for each product, and each one was “almost” ready to launch. She told me and other bloggers in our network about the products. She even had people interested in buying them. But fast forward a year and Kim’s still in the exact same place. She’s never launched any of it.

Can you relate? You have a million fabulous ideas. (If you don’t have a million ideas, download this free list of 101 Digital Product Ideas!) Maybe you have a hard drive filled with half-done products, or even fully complete products? You’re a creator, for sure. But you’ve been afraid to put yourself out there and actually launch a product.

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How to Get More Done Without Going Insane (Pro Tips From a Single Working Mom)

I’m so excited to share this guest post from Patty of  When Patty emailed me about guest posting, I thought, “There is no one better to write this post”. Why? Because Patty is a single working mom with a blogging side hustle. If she can get so much done, and stay sane in the process, so can you! Here are her tried-and-true time management strategies.

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