Best Planners for Bloggers and Solopreneurs: Daily Greatness Business Planner

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

I’m excited to share my Daily Greatness planner review with you! This planner has been on my “must-try” list for a while now because it’s one of the few business-specific planners I bought. But first, let me introduce myself: I’m a mama to two and a part-time blogger, so time is my most limited resource. As a result, I’m obsessed with time management, productivity, and planning.

If you’re balancing a whole lot of work and personal responsibilities, you’ve come to the right place. In 2017, I bought 8 planners to test out and review. You’ll see links to all my other planner reviews below, or you can start planning your blog content using my free editorial calendar template.

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Daily Greatness Planner Review

Unlike the other planners I tested, The Daily Greatness Planner is specifically designed for business owners. The planner opens with really detailed business planning instructions, a business plan template, and examples of how to use the planner.

There’s no fluff here, which I love. It’s clear that the creator has run a business before and understands what metrics to track and how to turn big picture planning into smaller action steps. The combo of bright colors + serious business strategy would appeal to many of the business owners I know, too.

On the minus side, this planner felt a little too intense for me. There are tons of pages and boxes to fill out. I don’t think I would ever finish them all, and then it would nag at me that I left some boxes un-done.

If you want to buy, you can use my link to get 5% off the price of your planner: Buy the Daily Greatness Planner here.

Care for a more detailed look? Check out my video review and walk-through here:

The Daily Greatness Planner is a great option if:

  1. You want a dedicated business planner. With spreadsheets, business planning sheets, and weekly and monthly goal-setting, you’ll have everything you need to run your business for the year.
  2. You need an all-in-one system. This planner is very comprehensive, so you’ll be able to track just about everything right in your planner.
  3. You’re detail-oriented. The Daily Greatness planner is very structured. It has tons of boxes for you to fill in. If you prefer less structure, you’ll probably be frustrated.

The Good:

The Daily Greatness Business Planner is bright and colorful, which makes business planning a little bit more fun. Honestly, if it were gray and black, I think I’d be less inclined to use it. :p

I loved the emphasis on revenue-generating activities and the reflection pages. As a business owner, I slack in these two areas. I never want to pause to reflect on what’s going well or what I need to improve. And I know it sounds crazy, but I also struggle to work on the money-making tasks (because they’re harder than things that are already in my comfort zone). It’s nice that The Daily Greatness Planner includes those key prompts and pages.

The Bad:

My planner was a little bit beat up from the shipping, which is disappointing but not a deal breaker.

If your business involves managing a team and producing physical products, then you’ll probably love this planner. I don’t think this is a great fit for a blogger or solopreneur, though. As a solopreneur, it felt like overkill, and many of the reflection prompts and record-keeping spreadsheets didn’t apply to me. If you’re a one woman shop, then you might be better off with something more simple, like the Passion Planner.

I’m already thinking about what planners to try next year. I’d love to hear what you use, please share in the comments!

If you’ve got a planner, but you struggle to stick with the plan, check out Master Time Management, my FREE 5-day email course for bloggers and solopreneurs. Sign up below to learn how to stop the overwhelm and get more done every day.


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  • I just ran across something called the “Daily Action Planner”. It’s a 3-month planner (eh, not sure about that) but works with the “Manifest Method”? I’m not familiar with that, but I’m intrigued. Anyway, not sure if you’re doing this project again this coming year, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one. Looks to be on of those you have to read how to set up in order to use it correctly. Right now I am in the Emily Ley, but I need more focus, I think.

    • I’ve heard of the Daily Action Planner, and I think I’ll buy it and test it for next year. Thank you for mentioning it! Also, I know what you mean about the Emily Ley planner. It’s a little too simplified for my needs. I want a little more structure and a little more accountability. :p

  • Hey! Your blog is impressive as I also love using different planners. Currently, am using this Planner that was introduced to me by my business friend. I certainly got to play with the Dream business planner, and it’s been an incredible way to think through business decisions and thinks big.