Transform the way you blog.

Follow These done-for-you blogging routines and get the work done with ease.

Blogging is so much easier if you have the right habits and routines in place.

  • Follow the 8 done-for-you blogging routines to simplify and streamline your work.
  • Learn about the 3 habits you NEED to adopt if you want to turn your blog into a business. These are the habits that big-time bloggers are using without even realizing it. Once you master them, everything else will click into place.
  • Get your blogging work done in less time and with less stress by following a step-by-step process.

Vittoria Daelli

This is golden. Yes, routines are hard, but it's awesome to have a routine laid out and know what to do afterward. I can now just plug it into my blogging schedule and really focus on one thing AT TIME. Thank you!!!

Create productive blogging habits now and you'll reap the benefits for years

8 Easy-to-Follow Routines

Whether you're writing a new blog post, creating a new lead magnet, or promoting on social media, there's a routine to follow.

3 Keystone Habits

These are the habits that will make or break your blog. Learn what they are and how to implement them.

10 Strategies for Improving Your Blogging Habits

Proven habit-formation strategies with examples on how to use each strategy to make blogging easier.

No Fluff

You don't have time for fluff, so this ebook delivers simple strategies that you can implement today.

Get Clarity

Stop trying to figure out how to get everything done, and simply follow a step-by-step process.

Made for Bloggers

Learn how to use habit-formation principles to get better blogging and business results.

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Are you wasting hours a day on social media or falling down the Internet rabbit hole? Download my Done-For-You Blogging Routines to learn how to break those bad habits and replace them with pure productivity.

Grow your blog...efficiently and easily.

Not sure why your blog is growing so slowly or not growing at all? I’ll tell you which three blogging habits you've been neglecting, and how to implement them RIGHT NOW.  These are the habits that big-time bloggers are using without even realizing it. Once you master them, everything else will click into place.

Worried that you're spending way too much time writing each blog post, email newsletter or lead magnet? I’ve got you covered with suggested times and routines for each scenario to help you get the work done fast.

Tired of feeling like your bad blogging habits are bringing you down? Download this 16-page guide and learn how to use the power of habits and routines to get more done on your blog in less time.

What's INcluded?

Part I is a quick start guide to habits and routines so that you understand WHY it's important to establish good blogging habits now (and why it's so hard to do!).

In Part II, you'll get 8 done-for-you blogging habits (single actions), and 8 done-for-you blogging routines to follow exactly or tweak for your unique needs.

In part II, you'll also learn about the three keystone habits that you MUST practice if you ever want to grow and monetize your blog. If you've been feeling stuck with your blog, this is the section you need to read first!​

In Part III, you'll learn 10 research-backed strategies for habit formation, plus 10 more examples of highly effective blogging routines and habits to skyrocket your productivity.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Emily! I’m a stay-at-home mama, a freelance writer, and I’ve been blogging off and on since 2012. I started my current blog in February 2016, the same week I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Throughout the pregnancy and after he was born, I spent an average of 10 hours a week working on my blog, but still managed to grow my email list to more than 700 subscribers, my social media following to more than 5,000 people, my blog to over 4,000 pageviews a month, and my blog income to several hundred dollars a month (strictly in passive income, not including my freelance work).

What’s my secret? Cutting out the b.s. tasks that waste time, and sticking to a schedule.

I want to help you do the same!

I want you to have a thriving blog AND time to relax.

I want you to wake up each morning excited to work on your blog AND certain that you’re doing the work that will help you reach your goals quickly.

I want to help you turn your blog into your full-time job. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a side hustler with a 9-5 job, or a freelancer, I want to help you use your blogging time as effectively as possible.


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What's the difference between a habit and routine?

how does this help me get more done?

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