From Foreign Service Officer to Aromatherapist: Adaptable Career Profile

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2016)

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Kristin is a globetrotting mom of two who loves to help other parents find joy in living overseas with kids. She has turned her passion for essential oils into a business. By overcoming her own limiting beliefs about what a “legitimate” career can be, committing to her business, and finding support from others Kristin has created an adaptable career that she loves. Here’s her story.


When you started your career, what were your doing?


I started my career as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO). After several years, I realized that working in an office setting wasn’t the best fit for my personality. I craved more creative work and I wished dearly to be my own boss. My husband is also an FSO, and we knew it was going to be challenging (if not impossible) for both of us to pursue a career in the Foreign Service without doing some separated tours, which we did not want to do. So we knew fairly early on that one of us would probably need to find some different work and it made sense for me to be the one to do that.


What do you do now?


I own my own essential oil business, Globetrotting Oils, through which I sell essential oils from Young Living, and am studying to become a certified aromatherapist. More important than selling the oils, I educate people on how to use them in their daily lives and I lead a business team in doing the same. I have a special focus on helping expats learn about and use essential oils to help live a more natural, healthy, and stress-free life overseas.


Kristin Hooper


How did you get from Point A (your first career) to Point B (your current work)?


Even though I knew my original career wasn’t a great fit for me, it took some time to let it go. My career was a BIG part of my self-worth. It took finding a faith in God and coming to believe that I was loved no matter what I did to give me the courage to let it go. The essential oil business didn’t start out as a career idea… I just fell in love with using essential oils and couldn’t stop talking about them to everyone and how much they’d improved our family’s health. One of my friends who was already in the business said, “hey you could make something out of this.” It ended up being such a great fit for me and my situation. I see it now as a huge gift from God.


What is one thing you wish you had known when you were moving into your new career venture?


It took me quite a while to wrap my mind around the idea that a home business could be a real and successful career for me. I had been so focused on my more traditional career as a Foreign Service Officer,  and it was such a big change that I struggled to feel “legitimate” in my job for awhile. Now I am incredibly proud and fulfilled by what I do, but I think if I could change anything, I would go back and embrace the job with gusto and pride earlier than I did.

What is the best part of your job?


First and foremost, I love helping people get happier and healthier. I also love being my own boss and the flexibility of the hours. I have two young children and I can work when they are napping or in the evening after they’ve gone to bed. I also love the variety of my job. It never gets boring for me and I get to think creatively everyday. I also love that I am empowering the women on my business team to run their own businesses. Finally, it’s a great job for an expat spouse! I do most of my consulting and educating online or via Skype, so I can do the job from anywhere in the world.


This lavender will be used to make lavender essential oil.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when transitioning to a new career?


It was a bit hard for me to convince my family and friends that this was a good change for me. Of course me taking my time to accept the change myself (see question 4 above) probably had a lot to do with that. I think people just couldn’t understand why I’d walk away from a well paying, respectable job to do something with no guarantee of success. It took some time, but now that they’ve seen how happy I am and the beginning of a successful business they are much more supportive and understanding. In fact, my sister even jumped on board and became a business partner with me!


How did you overcome this challenge?


I think the key was my own acceptance of a non-traditional career. Once my vision for my new career became clear and I committed myself 100% everyone else followed suit!


What is the best resource you’ve found in the past year to help you pursue your career goals?


I am part of an amazing business group within Young Living called the Lemon Droppers. This group has been like a family to me and has provided me incredible support in getting my business up and running. The thing I love the most about the Lemon Droppers is our focus on people, not sales. We believe strongly in educating our members on using essential oils and in supporting our business members in their careers.

A book that had a huge impact on me was “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The premise of the book is to base your business on giving instead of grabbing. I’ve made it the foundational concept of my own business and I mentor my team members to do the same. I would highly recommend it and believe it would be applicable in any business setting!


Any other words of wisdom?


If you are an expat spouse feeling like a fish out of the water, I would encourage you to look at this period in your life as an opportunity to explore some of your dreams. What did you always want to do when you were a child? Was there something you wanted to do, but dismissed it because you didn’t think you could make money at doing it or you felt like it wasn’t a respectable job? Is there something you would do whether you were making money from it or not? This might be an amazing time to give it a go. I think a lot of people might be surprised that following their passion might actually lead to a successful career– I know I was!



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