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Simple Hacks To Deal With Holiday Panic Attacks

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The Holidays is the season to be glad and merry. With all the Holiday cheers, people are excited with gift-giving and celebrating the season. But there are some people who feel that the season can be overwhelming and daunting, especially for people who are suffering from severe panic attacks.

For these patients, even going to the mall can be overwhelming. If you or someone you know suffers from this condition, here are some tips to help you survive the Holidays and lessen the symptoms of panic attacks:

  1. Be aware of the symptoms

Some patients are not aware that they are having an onset of panic attacks, not until the symptoms become full-blown and apparent. Expert mental professionals offering treatment for panic attacks Dubai say it is important for these patients to learn to identify the signs so they can deal with their condition better. The most common symptoms of panic attacks are: heart palpitation, dizziness, breathing difficulties, profuse sweating, and sense of terror or death.


  1. Ease your way to critical situations

Psychiatrists do not advise their patients to totally avoid places and situations that are causing the attacks. Instead, they recommend their patients to deal with these situations head on. But with caution, of course. Patients need to ease their way into uncomfortable situations until they feel stable and calm. For instance, if you feel overwhelmed about going to an overcrowded mall, try to go on times where there are less people.


  1. Learn the ideal distractions

One way to quell the symptoms of a panic attack is to shift your focus from what you are feeling at the moment and distract yourself from the situation. This is easier said than done, but when a patient is able to master this technique, the symptoms of panic attacks will be more bearable. There are a lot distraction techniques that patients suffering from panic attacks can apply. One of the most common is counting and breathing exercises. Patients need to consult with an expert to know which method would work best for them.


  1. Tell yourself that it will pass

Panic attacks mostly last the maximum of 15 minutes. Once the symptoms fade, the feeling of terrors will also disappear. Patients need to understand that this condition is manageable and not long-term. Knowing that there are treatments like hypnosis Dubai can give hope to patients suffering from panic attacks.