How to Auto Pin Using BoardBooster’s Campaign Feature

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

I love the idea of automation, but the reality? Very few automation tools have actually gotten me results. I’ve tried using Buffer to automate my social media posts, but I still have to load up my queue, which takes time. I’ve tried IFTTT to automatically post new blog posts to Twitter and Facebook, but when I want to post other people’s content, I have to do it manually.

The one tool that has saved me time AND driven massive amounts of traffic to my website? Board Booster. I use BoardBooster to auto pin my content to the group boards I’m a member of.

In plain language, I pin ONCE, and BoardBooster re-pins that pin to 40 different group boards on a spaced out schedule over the course of a week.

This BoardBooster tutorial will show you how to use BoardBooster's campaign feature to auto pin to your group boards. Save to read later!Note: This post includes affiliate links, which means I get a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to make a purchase using my link. For details, check out my disclosure page. Thanks for your support!

Using BoardBooster to automate my pinning has been a game changer. The majority of my website traffic comes from Pinterest, and now that I’ve set up my auto pin system in BoardBooster, it’s truly set it and forget it.

Take a look at my traffic referrals for the past 30 days:

Awesome, right? All that traffic for very little time investment! Want to give it a try? Check out my tutorial video below!

How to Auto Pin using BoardBooster Campaigns

Resources mentioned in the video:

Click here to get a free trial of BoardBooster.

Click here to learn more about Find Your Tribe Online, a done-for-you list of 400+ group boards in 25 different niches.

If you’re not a video person, here’s a quick summary:

Log in to BoardBooster (you can use my link to get your first 100 pins for free!). Under pinning tools, click on Campaigns.

Choose your campaign type. I always choose a scheduled campaign. I prefer the scheduled campaign because it lets me decide what time to pin to each group board. BoardBooster provides tons of stats, so I can see when I get the most re-pins and tailor my schedule to pin during those times.

Name your campaign, and click on “Add repin” to select the group boards that you want to repin to.

If you’re looking for new group boards to join, I recommend this resource: Find Your Tribe Online. The blogger who created it spent 60 hours collecting info for more than 400 group boards in 25 different niches. This will save you TONS of time. I bought it after I’d already been pinning for 8 months and was able to join a dozen new group boards in about 20 minutes.

After you add all the group boards you want to add, click save.

When you save this campaign, BoardBooster is going to create a secret/hidden board in your Pinterest account with the same name as your campaign, plus a hyphen in front “-Campaign Recipes.” They hyphen makes it easier for you to find your hidden BoardBooster boards.  You will pin to this hidden board, then BoardBooster will auto pin from that board to your group boards during the campaign.

After you add your group boards to the campaign, click on the cog to make any changes to the day or time you want to re-pin. Then click on save.

Boom! Done!

And a bonus tip, think of your content categories and create a different campaign for each category of post.

My content and group boards fall into three broad categories.

Here’s an example: I’m a member of one group board about Work Life Balance, but pins about how to start a blog or how to pitch for freelance work wouldn’t fit well here. Therefore, in my Work Life Balance campaign, I ONLY include group board(s) related to work-life balance. And in my Pinterest account, I only pin content that relates to work life balance on to this hidden board.

This ensures that the people who follow the board only see my relevant pins, so I’m not spamming them!

Ready to get started? Use my link to get your first 100 pins for free on BoardBooster!















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