How to Grow Your Email List and Your Income With a Quiz

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

You’ve probably taken a Buzzfeed-style quiz before, right? Who hasn’t? Quizzes are all the rage in the online space right now, and for good reason. They’re one of the best ways to grow your email list and your income!

Thinking about using a quiz for your marketing? Here’s why it might be perfect for you and how to set up a quiz the right way, so it actually helps you grow your email list and make money. 

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I received a free copy of the quiz software and have included affiliate links in the post. If you choose to buy using my affiliate links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Why use quizzes to grow your email list

There are three main reasons why quizzes make great lead magnets.

1. Using a quiz helps you qualify your leads. In plain English, this means you get the right people on your email list, the people most likely to buy.

If you design an engaging quiz that’s relevant to the readers in your niche, you’ll attract your ideal customer. If, on the other hand, you give away a free ebook or some social media templates as a lead magnet, you often attract everyone, and many of those people will never buy from you.

2. Quizzes are fun and helpful for your reader, so your reader is more likely to share. The folks who created the Interact quiz software have found that an average of 10 percent of quiz takers share the quiz they took. That might sound low, but think about how often you share other people’s lead magnets? I think I’ve done it twice. Ever.

Getting that free marketing is essential for growing your email list, plus it’s no extra work on your part!

3. A quiz lets you learn more about your reader so you can serve them better. When someone downloads a free ebook or guide on your site, you get their name and email address. But when they take a quiz, you learn a whole lot more.

For example, I can see what percentage of people are getting each quiz result, which gives me a really clear picture of what my audience is struggling with.

grow your email list with a quiz
These results tell me that I don’t need to share marketing advice, my readers don’t need it!

Now that I know what my readers are struggling with, I can write blog posts and create paid products that help them solve this problem. My marketing will be much more targeted, and therefore, much more useful to my audience.

Want to try my quiz? Click here to go straight to the Blog Focus Finder Quiz.


Types of Quizzes

Assessment /Scored Quizzes

These are quizzes like you took when you were in school. There’s a right and wrong answer for each question, so it’s perfect to help your readers’ test their knowledge.

For example, if you’re a personal finance blogger, you could have a quiz called: “How much do you know about financial independence and early retirement?” Your readers can take a short quiz, find out their score, and then you can follow up with emails that fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Similarly, a beauty blogger could have a quiz called, “What’s your makeup IQ?” The questions will let the reader test her knowledge of makeup. And because the beauty blogger can see the results, it’s easy to follow-up with relevant information that truly helps the reader.

People love to show off their knowledge and expertise, which means they often share their quiz results with their friends and family (and hopefully get your quiz to go viral!).

In Interact, assessments and scored quizzes are listed as two different types of quizzes, but I found them to be very similar. In fact, the only difference I saw between the two is that with a scored quiz the quiz-taker gets a numerical score. And in an assessment, the quiz-taker gets a result, but no numerical score.


Remember those personality quizzes in teen magazines? You’d answer a series of questions to find out “Which boy band member is your ideal prom date?” or “What Oscar dress style are you?”  

We love personality quizzes because they tell us more about ourselves. So, if you can come up with a fun personality quiz for your niche, your readers won’t be able to resist! There’s also a good chance they’ll share your quiz. (Who hasn’t seen a quiz result posted on Facebook and been tempted to take the quiz?)

How to use a quiz to grow your email list

A quiz is a GREAT lead magnet because it’s interactive, short, and fun. People simply can’t resist it.

With the quiz software I use, Interact, people have the option to see their results without joining your email list. Believe it or not, I love this feature! I know it’s better to give people the option of joining my email list instead of forcing them to.

If someone clicks “Skip this step” they will get their results without joining my email list.

When you force everyone to join your email list, they end up feeling resentful and often unsubscribe immediately, or worse, mark your emails as spam. Giving people the option to subscribe keeps your email list full of high-quality leads. (aka People who will open your emails because they actually want to hear from you!)

Currently, 64% of the people who start the quiz join my email list. One way I entice them to join is to offer a relevant freebie based on their quiz results. Even if someone chooses to get their results without joining my email list, I have another call to action on the results page. This gives them a second opportunity to opt-in to my email list and grab a free resource.

quiz results to get people to join your email list
People have a second chance to join my email list by clicking on “Grab your free guide!”

Quiz Software to Grow Your Email List

I used Interact to make my quiz because they generously let me try the software for free. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it was to use.

As a non-techy person, I was worried I’d get overwhelmed and confused with all the moving parts involved in creating a quiz, but Interact made it so easy. Actually, it was WAY easier than creating an ebook or a toolkit or any of my other lead magnets.

They must have great designers because the quiz looks polished and professional without me having to do anything. I was even able to customize the quiz with my brand colors and fonts, so it looks great on my site.

To make it even easier, Interact has 100 templates you can use as a model for your own quiz. You can even sort the templates by industry and conversion rate to find the best option for your niche.

The other quiz software I looked at was Thrive Quiz Builder. I use Thrive Architect for my landing pages and sales pages, so I trust Thrive’s plug-ins. I found that Interact had more features and was even easier to use, so that’s why I’m sticking with them (plus, it’s free!).

How to optimize your quiz to grow your income

Setting up a quiz takes literally 5 minutes. It’s so easy, and if you use one of the 100 pre-made templates, you’ll be done in a flash. The time-consuming part is making sure you have funnels in place to capture your new traffic and turn them into buyers.

I spent 5 minutes setting up my quiz, but almost a month preparing all the funnels.

Here’s how one of my funnel works:

Someone takes the quiz. (If you haven’t taken it yet, click here to try it out!) When she finishes the quiz, she gets her results. At the bottom of the results page, I invite her to download a free resource to help her take the next step/ solve the problem the quiz identified.

grow your email list with interact quiz results
The results page for one of my quiz results: notice how I grow my email list by including a call to action to join my email list.

If she downloads the resource, she’s immediately taken to a sales page with a one-time offer. The one-time offer is for one of my ebooks, and I’ve intentionally curated each offer to link directly to the information in the freebie.

example of a trip wire page
Here’s what my one-time offer page looks like.

For example, if someone downloads the Essential Blogging To Do List, I know she’s new to blogging and totally overwhelmed by all the information out there. So the next step is to offer her a discount on my best-selling Workflows for Bloggers ebook.

My audience loves time-saving tools and resources, so this one-time offer strategy is so effective. People often buy the one-time offer because it’s the perfect solution for a problem they’re facing!

Each offer page has a special discount and a timer. The person has 20 minutes to decide if she wants the ebook at the discount price or not. When the timer expires, so does the discount.

The rest of the funnel is all done via email. Convertkit automatically delivers the freebie my reader signed up for. Then it automatically sends out a series of helpful emails based on the quiz results.

Someone who got the result, “Launch, baby, launch” automatically gets emails about how to create and launch her first digital product. On the other hand, the person who got the result, “Focus on your foundation” gets emails with blogging and social media marketing tips.

At the end of each funnel, I tell people about a relevant product, either one of my courses or an ebook that I’m an affiliate for. Again, the product I pitch is directly related to the quiz results the person got, so it’s the perfect solution to a problem I know my reader is facing.

Need help setting up your own evergreen sales funnel? Download my free evergreen sales funnel template here.

How to Set Up Your First Quiz

As you can see, it’s important to be strategic when you set up your quiz. You should work backwards and think about your end goal. Do you want to grow your email list and make more sales, like me? Then you need to have a quiz that entices people to join your email list and logically leads to your products.

First, think about your products. Who needs your products? Why do they need them?

Then work backwards from there. What lead magnets or freebies do you have that lead logically to your paid products?

Next, think about your quiz results. What quiz result will be a natural fit to promote your lead magnet?

Once you know the quiz results you want to offer, then you can create your quiz questions. Most people start by writing the quiz questions, but the problem with this approach is that you’ll end up creating a quiz that has nothing to do with your paid offerings. Planning backwards and keeping your goal in mind is the best way to design a quiz that will help you grow your email list and your income.

When you’re ready to set up your quiz, choose a template or start creating from scratch.

Interact quiz builder templates
I started from a template to save time.

After you choose a template, you’ll enter the Interact dashboard, where you can customize the cover for your quiz.

Then, write each quiz question and related answer. When you use a template, this is SO easy. You just edit the questions in the template you’re using. Interact lets you have images as multiple choice answers, which is awesome. People love visuals, so use this feature whenever possible. It will keep your quiz-taker engaged.

how to use interact quiz builder template
Here’s a template question you can edit for your own quiz.

After you write the questions, you can write the results. Be sure to use the call-to-action feature on the results page to give your reader another opportunity to join your email list.

Interact quiz results page
You can edit the results page for a quiz too.

Finally, you map how each answer should be scored. This is so easy! You simply connect an answer choice with one or more of the quiz results and Interact will work its magic and calculate the final result for your reader based on the results from all the quiz questions.

So, what do you think? Ready to get started? You can use the FREE version of Interact forever, or do a free trial of a paid plan if you need more advanced features.

And tell me in the comments: what kind of quiz do you want to create?

If you haven’t tried a quiz yet, try my Blog Focus Finder quiz by clicking here!

Free Evergreen Sales funnel template!

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