How to launch a product when you’re terrified of launching

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2018)

Kim had several e-books and one e-course sitting on her computer desktop. She had a launch plan for each product, and each one was “almost” ready to launch. She told me and other bloggers in our network about the products. She even had people interested in buying them. But fast forward a year and Kim’s still in the exact same place. She’s never launched any of it.

Can you relate? You have a million fabulous ideas. (If you don’t have a million ideas, download this free list of 101 Digital Product Ideas!) Maybe you have a hard drive filled with half-done products, or even fully complete products? You’re a creator, for sure. But you’ve been afraid to put yourself out there and actually launch a product.

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I’m here to shake some sense in to you because I’ve been there, too. It took me a year to launch my first product. But launching? It totally changed my biz, and that’s what I want for you.

So first, I want you to know you’re not alone.

And second, I want you to stop hiding your best work. You’re holding yourself back and you’re holding your audience back when you procrastinate on a product launch. Stop hiding those products in a dusty, forgotten corner of your computer files. It’s time to launch already!

To get past the launch fear, let’s take a look at some of the beliefs that might be holding you back.

4 Reasons Why You’re Scared to Launch a Product

You’re afraid of imperfection

You tell yourself that you’ll launch a product soon. You just have to learn a little bit more. Maybe you tell yourself you need to take a course on Facebook ads first. Maybe you think you need to have a shiny website with all the bells and whistles before you can share your product with the world. Maybe you believe that you need a certain number of people on your email list. (That’s the belief that held me back.)

News flash: No one ever feels ready. And that’s okay! It means you care about your work and your audience. But your product doesn’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to be perfect either. You know enough RIGHT NOW to share your knowledge with the world.

Plus, there are some things you can only learn from hands-on experience and that type of experience comes from launching. One of those things is confidence. The best way to feel more confident about launching is to launch.

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You’re afraid of rejection

When you launch a product, people will give you feedback, either with their wallet or their words. Some people will give you both. But don’t be scared to get this feedback. The VAST majority of the feedback you get will be positive. Your audience likes you! That’s why they visit your site and read your blog posts and follow you on social media. They’re going to like your product, too!

The worst thing that can happen is that nobody buys. And guess what? You’ll be the only person who knows. You don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed if that happens (and I bet it won’t). Should you mope and eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in bed if your launch flops? Absolutely! And then pick yourself up and try something else.

The best thing that can happen is that someone does buy (highly likely). And once you’ve launched, you can use any feedback you get to fine-tune your offering and then launch another product that your community will eat right up.

You’re afraid you’re not good enough

Don’t worry, you’re not alone with this fear either. We all suffer from imposter syndrome. For real, even the bloggers who are making six figures a year sometimes feel like a fraud. But the difference is, they push through the fear and launch anyway.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re never going to be an expert. Even the smartest, most educated blogger is constantly learning new things. There’s always another rung you can climb on the success ladder. If you’re waiting to be an expert before you launch, you’re going to be waiting forever.

In the meantime, why not share your brilliance with your audience? They want your expertise and your knowledge. And you’re the perfect person to share it with them because you’re NOT an expert. Your audience can relate to your imperfections. Plus, you can help them because you’ve been in their shoes and you’re just a few steps ahead, guiding them to a result they want.

Even better: your audience wants to pay you for your knowledge so their lives can be better. Don’t deny them this or they’ll look elsewhere for a business owner that’s willing to launch (even if their material isn’t as good as yours)

Don’t let your competitors beat you to launch! Download the free Get Over Yourself & Launch Already workbook and launch now!

You’re Afraid You’ll Be Successful

I know, this sounds so counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Some people fear success more than they fear failure. Success means having to confront your self-limiting beliefs about money and business. It means you’ll have to decide you’re worthy of making money.

While failure isn’t as sexy as success, it’s familiar. That’s why so many amazing bloggers don’t take action. Success means facing the unknown. It sometimes feels easier to stay stuck in failure than to take the risks that lead to success.

But I’m here to tell you that you need to learn how to embrace the unknown in your business and your life. Lacey Sites, one of my favorite business coaches, once wrote an email about the secret to her success: “I’ve gotten comfortable being uncomfortable.” You need to do that, too. When you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.

Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck, just like my friend Kim. I don’t want that for your business, and I know you don’t want that for your business, either.

Launching feels scary. Heck, I know! I’ve been there! But I also know that you created your business so you could share your work with a community that’s eager to see it. So, get over yourself and launch already!

Can you relate to any of these fears? What’s holding you back from launching?

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