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Transportation Etiquette

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Etiquette can generally be described as being courteous and respectful. Whenever you are traveling or are in a new place, make sure to become familiar with their culture and their etiquette. This is very important for transportation. Become familiar with the etiquette and try to use it as much as possible, it shows respect when you follow the rules of etiquette. It is very important that you become familiar before traveling through Dubai. Below is the etiquette that should be used when traveling throughout Dubai.




-On the Dubai Metro, make sure that you have your Nol card ready to go, you do not want to hold people up digging for your card.

-One car n each of the metro trains is set aside for women and children only.

-Be sure to stand on the right of escalators.

-Wait on one side of the train doors to let passengers disembark the train before boarding

-Do not push when moving along the platform, try to respect personal space

-Do not block the doors of the ticket barrier

-Try to keep phone conversations to a minimum and if you are traveling with a friend you will want to be sure to keep conversations low




-When you are waiting at the bus stop, be sure to stay out of the stopping area. You will need to signal the bus to stop

-Be sure to stay away from the bust doors until the driver opens them to allow you to board.

-When you board the bus, board through the front door and exit from the rear door, women and children may exit from the front door.

-The three rows of seats in the front of the bus are reserved for female passengers

-There is no eating, drinking or smoking on the bus

-Bulky luggage, hazardous materials and animals are not allowed on the bus

-There is no begging or soliciting any favors while you are on the bus

-Do not attempt to leave the bus until it comes to a complete stop




-Due to taxis being fairly reasonable in their fares, as well as being plentiful, tipping the driver is very common.

-A small tip of AED5-10 is usually given, but generally passengers with round the fare up to the nearest note and let the driver keep the change.

-Always be polite and composed

-Be sure to telling your taxi driver a specific address or at least a major landmark around the area you are wanting to be taken to.


In general, follow the guidelines and etiquette and for each mode of transportation. As a rule, just be polite, respectful and composed. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, don’t push and shove, be respectful of people’s personal space. It is important to remember that Dubai has a prohibited list of things on public transportation that is quite long, become familiar so that you don’t get fined for chewing gum or taking a nap. Just be sure to know your rules and etiquette and you will be able to navigate through public transportation in no time!

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