What is freelancing?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2016)

Is it just me, or is the word “freelancing” shrouded in mystery? I used to hear that word and think “Okay… does that mean that you make millions of dollars a year telling people what to do? Or is it a fancy word for ‘unemployed’?”

The wonderful and infuriating thing about “freelancing” is that it defines everything between unemployment and bossing. Here’s my definition of freelancing:

Freelancing: when someone is self-employed and hired by different clients to do specific work

Clients can be individuals, small businesses, corporations, and everything in between.

What kind of work do freelancers do?

The work that freelancers do varies widely.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.59.34 AM

This screenshot from the freelance marketplace Upwork lists some of the categories of freelancing work. Note that these are just types of freelancing work that can be done remotely, Upwork doesn’t include things like freelance dog walking, house sitting, house painting, or other location-dependent work.

Because “freelancing” describes a whole range of work, it’s difficult to figure out how to get started.

I know this because I’ve been there. A friend had to coach me through the process of finding freelance work.

During the next month, I’d like to be that coach for you. I will help you

I’m determined to help you succeed, so along the way I’ll also show you how I tackled each stage of the process. I’ll finish the series by showing you my results for the month.

One of the big challenges of freelancing is staying motivated and focused when you only have to answer to yourself. Increase your chances of success by asking a friend to join you in this challenge. Having an accountability partner will help you keep on track even when things get tough, and they will get tough. You can share this post with a friend by clicking on one of the coral-colored share buttons on the left of this screen. Email a friend by clicking on the envelope button, or share on your favorite social network by clicking the appropriate button.

I’m excited to get started. See you soon!

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