Want to work smarter, not harder?

These three resources will show you exactly what to do.

Resource 1: Done-for-you Blogging Schedules

  • It’s time to stop winging it. With the Done-For-You Blogging Schedules, you can pick a schedule to follow, and get more done on your blog this week than you’ve gotten done in the past month.
  • Includes 6 easy-to-follow schedules and 4 detailed task lists so you know exactly what you need to be working on every day.
  • Stop wondering how to fit everything in to your busy day and focus on taking action.

"The Done for You Blogging Schedules are the perfect resource for busy bloggers. The fact is--most of us have other jobs and other obligations, such as kids running around the house. The schedules Emily created make it clear that anyone, with any schedule, can be a successful blogger, whether your have 20 hours a week or only a few. She provides clear direction for which activities you should devote the most time to and also a wonderful bonus with social media routines. So you can engage on social media without spending all your time there!"

Melanie Sparks Little KNown Life

Resource 2: Done-for-you Blogging Routines

  • Blogging is so much easier if you have the right habits and routines in place. Follow the 8 done-for-you blogging routines/workflows to simplify and streamline your work.
  • Learn about the 3 habits you NEED to adopt if you want to turn your blog into a business. These are the habits that big-time bloggers are using without even realizing it. Once you master them, everything else will click into place.
  • Get your blogging work done in less time and with less stress by following a step-by-step process.

"This is golden. Yes, routines are hard, but it's awesome to have a routine laid out and know what to do afterward. I can now just plug it into my blogging schedule and really focus on one thing AT TIME. Thank you!!!"

Vittoria Daelli Creative Halcyon

Resource 3: Planning for Success Planner

  • Organize your business and personal life all in one place with my exclusive Planning for Success Life and Business Planner.
  • The planner includes yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads to help you organize your time and seamlessly turn your big picture plans into daily to dos.
  • It’s fillable and printable, so whether you prefer to use a digital planner or a physical planner, you're covered.

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Keep track of your business and personal life all in one place.


Know exactly what you need to work every day to reach your blogging goals.

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