Guest posting guidelines

Interested in guest posting at My Adaptable Career? Great, I would love to have you!

What I’m looking for:
• Posts from real bloggers and solopreneurs, NOT from writers working on behalf of large companies.
• Posts that share actionable tips to help fellow bloggers and solopreneurs get more done.
• Your post should have a unique angle. Share something new and innovative. Teach us something we don’t already know.
ex. How to automate certain blogging and business tasks, the best social media platforms for x type of business, how you customized typical productivity advice to make it work better for you, a case study of your results when you tried a new productivity tool or system.


how to pitch

Send me an email with 2-3 pitches for story ideas. You don’t need to write out the whole post yet, just email me with your main idea and a few bullets listing the main points you would cover in your post.

Here’s an example of a great pitch:

Hi Emily,

I would love to write a guest post for My Adaptable Career. Here are two ideas for potential guest posts:

How I doubled my email list in one month by making my opt-in more obvious
• First, I decided that my goal was to grow my email list because I want to earn more by selling products.
• I realized that people weren’t signing up for my list because the opt-in forms were hidden AND I had too many other links to click on my blog.
• I made my opt-in brighter and made it more obvious by using a pop-up plug-in, and adding the opt-in to the top of my sidebar. (with screen shots) I also got rid of distractions on my blog page (with screen shots)
• Here’s what I learned and how others can try this.

How to get more business tasks done on the go using a smartphone
• why people will save time by using their smartphone (work from anywhere in short chunks of time)
• best apps for business (accounting, email, social media, etc.)
• examples of how and when I use each app to manage my business on the go

Thanks for considering,
Awesome blogger

Guest Post Guidelines and Workflow

• After I have approved your pitch, please write your post in google docs. When you finish your draft, give me editing permission. I will make any minor editing changes needed before uploading to wordpress.
• Please do NOT include affiliate links or try to sell/promote anything unless we have already discussed and I have approved.
• You are welcome to include 1-2 relevant back links to your own content in the post. While editing, I may also link to relevant content at My Adaptable Career.
• Add your bio to the end of the google doc with your post. You are welcome to share 1-2 links to your website, plus tell readers how to connect with you on social media.
• Email me with a headshot/picture of you and to let me know that you’ve shared the google doc of your post with me. If you have any specific images you want to include in the post please include them too.
• I will format the post and schedule a date to publish. I will email you with the scheduled posting date.
• Once the blog post goes live, I will promote the heck out of it. I hope you will too! Please stop by the post several times in the days after publication to respond to any comments.