Standard Regulations for Formatting Written Works

From the point you get to submit your assignment to your supervisors or instructors, the work’s grading and assessment get handled by regulations of Brandon University that cover academic integrity. If you violate any procedure rules, which includes plagiarism in all its forms, you will not succeed in your writing job.

Before you hand in your work for assessment, ensure that you proofread it to check on the mistakes that may lie in the paper. Here are some of the rules you will need to follow before handing in your essay.

  • Staple all the pages together at the top left corner before submitting the paper. That will ensure that your work is glued together and help markers have an easy time skimming your work.
  • Use 1-inch margins at the top, sides, and bottom of the page. It will give the document a more professional look that gets pleasant to the eyes.
  • Utilize only the 12 point type, which is in a standard format. That is the desired font type, and you can also bank on popular font styles like the Arial or the Times New Roman.
  • Ensure that you number the pages of your text. The first page is page 1. It would be best to make sure that the numbers are in succession and that all pages get numbered appropriately.
  • Utilize double-space in your text. Double spacing your documents gives them a more ambient look like all the texts in your work seem and feels evenly spread out.
  • Avoid leaving blank pages between the paragraphs. Leaving the white space will make your paper look weak. Ensure that the white space in your form gets as minimized as possible to avoid making the reader get bored.
  • Indent all paragraphs. That move will ensure that your work gets somewhat organized and that your workflow can get read easily.
  • Ensure you provide the work with a fascinating and descriptive title. That will go a long way into making sure that the piece catches the reader’s attention at first glance.
  • Avoid underlining the title. Stressing the work’s title will ruin the paper’s look and make it look a little bit blander. Please write the title in the required format and leave it that way.
  • Do not use slang expressions. When you jot slang in serious academic work, the professor will not take anything you say or write with seriousness. Stick to Standard English. If you find a word, you find it challenging to translate, better skip it, or paraphrase it.
  • Correct the grammar, spelling, and other errors associated with article writing in your paper. To achieve this, you will need to utilize a spell checker. Most of them are available online and are free. You can upload your document, and the spell checker will scan the document to find any errors and notify you. You will also get some suggestions to help you edit faster.
  • Get the name of the client correctly. Before submitting the paper, double-check whether the name of your client is the correct one. If you input it incorrectly, he or she may feel devastated, and you may lose the trust of your client because of that simple mistake.