Simple Writing Jobs for Working From Home

Are you a passionate writer willing to work from home? You can make a good living working from home. There are numerous writing jobs that you can work on for pay as you spend the entirety of your day at home.

Multiple positions are available for freelancers who intended to make a living from writing. If you are interested in working from home, find more information on starting your career journey from this article.

Types of Writing Jobs

  • Blogging

Blogs are simple writing that may be between 800 to 1500 words and have specific keywords for ranking on search engines that attract readers to take a particular action at the end of the post. Blogging is a popular type of writing most businesses need. This kind of writing is among the easiest to find on job boards for blog writing.

There is a different niche in blogging, which may include long-form blogs. Long-form blog writing involves writing between 2000 to 5000 words blog posts.

Blog post writing needs insider industry knowledge to produce quality work. The blog posts are organically conversational and address a particular group of people.

The blog post can be writing services that a small business, coaches, brand, or other entrepreneurs can hire. The blogpost content may vary from providing educational or information.

If you are looking for this type of writing, understand that most clients need blogs consistently. You are likely to find more jobs with this type of writing

  • Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting involves producing content online for clients such as entrepreneurs, brands, and magazines though you don’t receive credit for the task.

Since you do not receive credit for your work, you have no legal authority to display such writing on your portfolio or marketing it on the social media platform as a legit owner.

Why engage in this form of paper when you can receive credit for your work? It is because this type of writing is a lucrative field. The pay is excellent, and several clients are looking for this type of job.

  • Writing Articles

Websites and magazines depend on the writers to produce content for updating their sites. There are several types of paper writing jobs from different niches you can choose from depending on your area of specialization or interest.

Article writing pays well but may not have regular jobs. Some magazines publish on a weekly, monthly, semi –quarterly, or semi-yearly.

You can narrow it down to your areas of interest or specialization and work as an article writer from home.

  • Writing of a Press Release

A press release Is a statement written to the media. The business publishes content to the press to communicate information such as new product launches, events, sales accomplishments, and schedules.

There is a high demand for talented press writers who can turn content into newsworthy writing for a press release.

Press releases are usually as short as 400 to 800 words. They may also be as long as several pages depending on the client’s needs.

There are formats for writing a press release. Therefore, once done, you may use the available templates for other similar work.

  • Technical Writing

Technical writing job is suitable for individuals with a background in technology. There is a demand for individuals with coding skills, web development, WordPress writing, and other technological niches.

Technical writing jobs can also cover areas such as producing company manuals, policies and procedure write-ups, handbooks, a technical guide, research reports, and evaluation reports.


The above types of writing are not inclusive of all the papers you can do at home. There are numerous other writing jobs that you can try and earn a living from home. Try it!