7 time management habits of highly successful bloggers

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

Do you ever look at other bloggers and wonder how they get so much done? They have amazing blog posts, they seem to be everywhere on social media, they’re actually making money from their blog. And they don’t even seem overwhelmed!

How do they do it?

I’ve been trying to figure it out myself. 🙂 After studying other bloggers for the past year, here’s what I’ve noticed. Successful bloggers practice most of the following time management habits. Steal these habits and you’ll get more done on your blog with less stress.

Time management tips for bloggers | How successful bloggers make money blogging by being more productive

7 Time management habits of successful bloggers

1. They are disciplined.

Successful bloggers are not posting cat photos on their Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with a good cat photo, if you’re a pet blogger or it’s on your personal Instagram feed. But if you want to make money as a blogger, you need to have the discipline to serve your audience.

Having discipline creates better results. It means that a blogger always has her audience in mind and ONLY shares the things that help her audience. Having discipline means doing the hard stuff and the scary stuff, not just the easy stuff.

Being disciplined is hard. Mariah Coz of Femtreprenur, who makes more than a million dollars a year through her online business, acknowledges just how hard it is. But it’s worth it.

The time management benefit of discipline is that you get better results from the same time input. Three times as many people follow my business Instagram account as my personal Instagram. Why? On my business IG I have the discipline to only post things that are useful and relevant to my followers. My personal IG? It’s a free for all. I post food pics, pics of my kids, travel pics, and blurry portraits.

Discipline is like a muscle, the more you flex it, the easier it is to flex. And the advantage is that the more disciplined you are, the faster you’ll see results for your work.

2. They focus.

Successful bloggers don’t multitask. Whether they’re working on something small, like writing a blog post, or something big, like creating a course, they don’t let distractions pull them away from the task at hand.

A productive blogger doesn’t leave Facebook open all day or allow notifications to pop up on her web browser or phone constantly. He doesn’t hop from one unfinished project to the next.

Even if you’re great at focusing when you work on small tasks, like writing an email newsletter or scheduling social media updates, sometimes it’s hard to know what big project you should focus on in your blog. I know I’ve struggled with this and wondered “Do I need to worry about SEO right now? Should I take a course on affiliate marketing and try to implement those strategies? What big project should I work on to take my blog to the next level?”

If you’re having trouble identifying your next blogging project, check out this post from Meera Kothand. It’s been a great resource to help me feel less overwhelmed and…dare I say, more focused. 🙂 If you’re not sure what to focus on in your biz, this post is worth reading.

3. They take action.

I won’t lie, I’m GREAT at planning. I’m not so great at executing. I procrastinate on things that scare me or feel outside of my comfort zone.

But successful entrepreneurs push through the fear and take action.

Eden from EdenFried.com is a great example of this. In the past 4 months Eden has created multiple courses and ebooks, grown her Pinterest following from 0-1,000, and started an incredible Facebook group, which now has more than 1,800 people in it and which I co-host with her. Side note: We would love to have you in the group, just click here to join.

Unlike me, Eden gets out there and does something instead of mulling it over, wasting months on research, or waiting for the optimal time.

Taking action pays off. Eden’s income has been growing steadily (as has her blog traffic, her Facebook group, her Pinterest followers, and her email list).

If you struggle to take action and find yourself procrastinating on your dreams, sign up for Master Time Management my free mini course for bloggers.


4. They prioritize.

The Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) says that 20% of the things you do create 80% of your results. Successful bloggers know this and leverage it. For me, that means ignoring Twitter but putting my time and money into Pinterest because that’s where 60% of my blog traffic comes from. In this post, you can see how I’ve set up BoardBooster to get the best return on my time and money.

If you want to use your time effectively, you need to think about your tasks differently. Not all tasks are created equal. Some will get you amazing results, and some will just be busy work. You need to learn how to differentiate between the two and prioritize the most important tasks.

5. They plan ahead.

Successful bloggers are not flying by the seat of their pants. They know exactly where they are headed. When it comes to planning, I admire Suzi from Start a Mom Blog. She’s one of the most strategic planners I’ve seen. For a peek at her process, check out this post on how she plans her editorial calendar using sticky notes.

If you’re not planning ahead, you waste time and energy trying to figure out what you should be doing, instead of actually doing it. Without proper planning, you’ll progress very slowly towards your goals, and you may never reach them.

If planning is a weak spot for you, check out Planning for Success, my planning and time management course for bloggers.

6. They say no.

It’s hard to find a balance between helping other people and taking care of yourself. But if you want to make progress in your biz you have to own your time, and that means saying no.

For many of us, it can be hard to say no to our kids or spouse. But setting boundaries to protect your time is key if you want to grow your blog (and not feel resentful towards your family!)

There are also plenty of business and blogging tasks you can say no to. I love this post from Sarah Morgan at xoSarah, where she lists the things you need to stop doing in your biz. (Notice, saying yes to everything is one of them.)

7. They don’t try to be perfect.

Successful bloggers are more productive than the rest of us because they are shooting for good enough, not perfection. In the fast-paced world of online business, getting things done well is much more effective than wasting tons of time trying to get things perfect.

Perfection is just a nicer term for procrastinating. It feels good to say, “I haven’t launched my blog because I want it to be flawless!” It feels crappy to tell the truth: “I haven’t launched my blog because I’m scared, so I’m procrastinating.”

As I mentioned earlier, I procrastinate a lot. I get it. And I DO want things to be as close to perfect as possible. But there’s a fine line between aiming for perfection and being paralyzed by it. Don’t let your fear of imperfection hold you back from getting things done.

Want to start managing your time like a rockstar blogger? Sign up for Master Time Management, my free mini course for bloggers.










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