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All of us look for unique and different things. We want to be different from all others whether it be as in personality or materialistically. And when it comes to stationery we want all the unique and new items to add to our school supplies. You can find a huge variety of stationery in Dubai. But finding out the most unique ones are the real task. Want to check what’s so different, see this here:

Kezuri Cap:

Well its not a cap but a sharpener. You must have seen a lot of different sharpeners in your life, different shaped and colors. But this is not something of the typical sharpeners. Instead it is eco friendly. It is a sharpener attached to 500 ml bottle and the sharpener can be fixed to it like its cap. This way, whenever you sharp a pencil, all the waste is collected in the bottle thus making it eco friendly.


Harinaca is a sort of stapler but it does not have stapler pins. Sounds astonishing. But yes this is possible. You need have to worry about running out of stapler pins every single time. Harinaca will just folds apart the papers and bind them together. It can bind up to eight pages at a time. Life is now just so hassle free without these metallic stapler pins that used to hurt alot at times.


Its a magical pencil. It might sound silly but it is true. We all have used lead pencils in life. And we all know the struggle of keeping it sharp. At times it was so irritating but now with this unique pencil you have to do nothing. Kurutoga is a mechanical lead pencil that keeps itself sharp all the time. It keeps turning and thus keeps itself sharp. This is something that you would definitely like to add to your stationery kit.

Frixion ball pen:

Ball pens are actually very good to carry and are very handy. The only problem with ball pen is that you can not remove whatever is once written with it. You might have also tried different erasers that used to claim that they can erase ball pen but nothing used to work. Well, this problem is also solved. Frixion ball pens are something that can be erased. These pens have a eraser on the back of them and they can erase anything written with this ball pen.